Residential Surveillance

Keep Your Home Secure

Turn to our security camera installation company in Indianapolis, IN or Davie, FL

Step up the security at your home by partnering with Cam Security Surveillance, LLC for security camera services. Our security camera installation company sells and can set up IP, Wi-Fi, HD-SDI or EX-SDI cameras at your home, so you get the constant surveillance you need to feel safe.

Installing a security system helps you:

  • Deter criminals
  • Check on kids or pets
  • Receive insurance benefits

Call 317-531-2975 today to schedule security camera services in Indianapolis, IN or Davie, FL.

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Check out the benefits of our security cameras

We offer only the best in security camera technology. You'll feel safe and secure after hiring our security camera installation company because our equipment has:

  • An extended warranty
  • 24/7 remote viewing
  • Night vision
  • Low light settings
  • Built-in microphones

Our cameras save videos for up to six months, so you have plenty of time to go back and review any suspicious activity on your property. Contact us today to learn more about our residential security cameras .